draft registration card

I would appreciate your thoughts on why this draft registration card would have a stamp for the Newburgh, New York draft board but have the signature of the registrar for the draft board in Cass, North Dakota.



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Submitted byagilchreston Mon, 08/19/2019 - 14:07

I would be looking at other draft cards surrounding this one. Is there a group that exhibits the same details? If so one explanation could be "reuse." During WWII and after nothing was thrown out. The date on this card is 1944 several years after the start of registration. It would not surprise me if the New York Draft Board had surplus supplies that were sent to North Dakota. 

Here is an example: My Dad enlisted into the Army Air Corp in June of 1947. On 18 September 1947, the Air Force officially came into existence and was no longer a part of the Army. However, well into the 1950's orders and documents created by the US Air Force still contained the name US Army. Soldiers in the Air Force still wore Army Air Corp uniforms especially if they were at a "remote" location. 

Submitted byagilchreston Tue, 08/20/2019 - 10:58

Taking a look at the front of the card here https://tinyurl.com/y3383ugq

I would "guess" that Ralph Burman was mailed the card from Mr. I Burman while Ralph was still in the Canadian Army. Once discharged he crossed the border from Canada to the US and registered at the first location he was able to. 

Have you checked for Ralph in the Canadian US border crossings? Or found his Canadian military service records? When was he discharged? Does the date correspond to the date the card was filled out? Does the difference in the dates account for travel time?