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A Workaround for Destruction of Local Court Records:

31 March 2014
Fire, floods, vermin, and human neglect have destroyed many legal records that were created at the county or town level. For court records, copies might exist in an alternate source ...

Combining Quotation Marks with Other Punctuation

30 March 2014
Last Sunday we introduced differences in the ways that American English and British English handle quotation marks. The differences in handling that punctuation are even more pronounced when another punctuation mark is needed at the end of the quotation ...

Correcting Misspellings in 'Printed Primary Sources':

29 March 2014
Published government documents belong to the class of records that scholars calls "printed primary sources," meaning that they are 'original' historic records now available in printed form. However, they hold significant potential for error ...

Old-World Paleography, Anyone?

28 March 2014
Are you wishing for a tutorial on pre-modern paleography? English? Scottish? French? German? Italian? The web offers several, including these:

Reliable "Proof"?

27 March 2014
The quality of "proof" depends upon the quality of the research process, the quality of the sources used, and the quality of the documentation that keeps track of those sources. It depends upon ...


26 March 2014
Sigillography: the study of seals. In past centuries, wax seals were used in the manner of signatures to authenticate documents, as well as

Authored Works

25 March 2014
We all know the old mantra from the original evidence-analysis tree: sources can be classed as originals or derivatives, information is either primary or secondary, and evidence is either direct or indirect. So where ...

Citing Alphabetized Files

24 March 2014
As researchers, we have to thoughtfully analyze not only each record we use but also each record set, in order to ensure that we capture all essential details at point-of-contact. Many archives have card files or record files ...

International Quotation Differences

23 March 2014
American English and British English differ in a number of ways, including punctuation practices. Stark differences are seen in the handling of quotations ...

URLs in Parentheses?

22 March 2014
Why does EE put URLs in parentheses when CMOS and MLA don't? Three reasons: consistency, clarity, and completeness. A URL cites ...