I have a quirky document that doesn't quite fit any EE template. Can you design a citation for me?



Records can definitely be quirky! That’s why EE’s 885 pages offer over 1,100 models for citing many different types of original and published sources, along with discussions of each record type, to help researchers understand their quirks.

Our three forums also offer discussion venues for citing, analyzing, and using these sources. We try to help users think through the issues involved in situations that are not covered by one of those 1,100+ models. We especially welcome the insight of other users who have experience with problematic records.

However, EE does not have a staff to custom-design source citations. Attempting to create a reliable and effective citation for a source one has not personally seen and carefully studied would be a fool’s adventure.  In all three forums, we try to help researchers evaluate what they have at hand. But we cannot craft—or give an EE ‘stamp of approval’ for—a citation to a document we’ve never seen; and we do not have the available personnel to study individual documents for all inquirers.