Citation Issues

Citing a 3rd party digitized copy of microfilm of original by state archives

I know there was a similar question recently regarding this issue but I think the foreign language confused me. I know there are supposed to be layers to a citation. 

I guess in this case, that would be the original document. Then the layer when that document was microfilmed by the NC Archives? Then the layer where those records were digitized and a database was created by a third party. Or maybe I have them in the wrong order?

Record Copy

FHL DGS 7595725 ("Town and vital records, 1727-1892") ( includes images of a volume entitled "Births, Marriages, Deaths: Town of Kennebunk" (book cover is image 7).  This appears to be, at least in part, a Record Copy (EE, 1st ed., 1.27 and 8.5), rather than an original register, based on my assessment that over 100 years of birth records (1745-1883, images 11-59) appear to be in the same handwriting.  Having said that, there are many additional entries, especially in the later years, that are of others' writing.

Population / Slave Schedules vs Free Inhabitant / Slave Inhabitant Schedules


I'm wondering if there has been any discussion about changing the way genealogists refer to the 1850 and 1860 schedules. By referring to them as Population and Slave Schedules, and being mutually exclusive, we are implying that the enslaved were not members of the population. If we refer to them as Free Inhabitant and Slave Inhabitant Schedules, we are at least acknowledging the enslaved's humanity as inhabitants or part of the population.


Citing naturalization records received from USCIS

Hi all, I would love for some advice on how to cite naturalization records that I received from the USCIS genealogy division. These documents are not in any databases (that I have seen), but I don't really know how to cite them as part of my own "archive." Would appreciate any help!

Citing a web-based digital reprint of a self-published book

The item I'm trying to cite is a digital reprint of a numbered copy of a well-known self-published book. The original author is deceased and the rights have passed to a regimental museum, which allowed a study group to publish the book on the Internet Archive. Therefor, the reprinted copy contains a few pages of lead-in showing provenance and copyright information. In all other respects it is a true copy of the original.

Local Death Certificate

Curious how to handle a citation for this one. A few years ago I order a certified Death Certificate from the NYC Municipal Archives. The certificate is dated 1901 and labeled at the top "State of New York, Certificate and Record of Death". However, this is a local-level certificate. The death took place at the Soldiers and Sailors home in New Brighton, New York which is located in the borough of Staten Island. That said the certificate does not show that it was filed locally and no where do I see a label for Staten Island - although there is an illegible stamp at the top.

Citing a webpage with "posted" downloadable PDF files

Dear editor;

In my project of revising my pre-existing citations, I've come across yet another instance that needs special attention. It is a webpage with a files section, in which the webmaster has "posted" files for download with her name, a date and a time.