Citation Issues

Citing a typescript copy of a court decree

Editor, I have a doozy for you.  Let me begin by saying that I am trying, without much success, to obtain copies of an original "Judgement and Decree in Partition" from 1888/89 Andrew County, Missouri.  Assuming that I cannot find the original, I will need to cite scanned images of a typescript copy of the decree that I received via email.  Here are the particulars:

Two informants with the same name

I have two informants with the same name. I don't want to mention the actual name so I'll just call them "Otfrid Freiherr Lützel". "Freiherr" is the German word for "baron".

The older of the two is the father of the younger one. I can't refer to them as "Senior" and "Junior" because strictly speaking it's "Otfrid Freiherr Lützel XXV" and "Otfrid Freiherr Lützel XXVII". (I have no idea why there is no "XXVI".)

Neither of the two normally uses the number behind their name. I had to find out the numbers by looking at the family tree of the family.

Canadian Homestead Files

The FHL has the early Saskatchewan and Alberta Homestead files as browsable images of a collection based upon of microfilmed versions of the original file folders and contents. To facilitate ordering an image copy of the individual file contents (if desired) from the provincial archives, I would like to highlight the file identification and not the online FHL collection. That is; I would like to describe the file in a first layer and then where it is viewable online in a second layer.

Could I cite it in the following manner, when referring to the content of the entire file?

Indian Treaty

I need to cite an Indian Treaty in a discussion regarding when land records become available. I'm in the middle of Alabama in 1814 and need to cite Andrew Jackson's huge land grab after the Creek war. Really interesting is that NARA has the actual treaty images online. 

Citing Georgia Archives collection found on Ancestry

I've been doing a lot better with finding what I need for a citation in my copy of EE, Third Ed.  However, this one is beating me up for some reason.  This is a collection at the Georgia Archives in Morrow, GA which I found on Ancestry.  

Here's what I have so far:



"Georgia, U.S., Civil War Correspondence, 1861-1865."  Database with images.  Ancestry. : 2022.



Issues citing the Norwegian Census

Issues citing the Norwegian Census

I have found the entry for Ole Arnesen in the 1865 census of Norway. I believe I have correctly adapted the basic format for a census, but wonder how to handle the location designator within the imaged Norwegian census book. That number, while sequential and unique, seems to be neither a true folio number nor a true page number. It appears to have been added to maintain order during digitizing. Would the following be a reasonable method of handling this?

Creator or Owner?

I recently received  a collection of some random family artifacts. Most of what I have are various trinkets owned by deceased family members such as a wallet, figurines, a souvenir spoon, military medals, etc. None of them were created by the person who originally owned them.

Funeral Service

I recently attended the funeral service of a great-uncle. There were a number of speakers at the funeral who shared different memories. At the conclusion of the service, I made my own notes regarding the stories that were shared about my great-uncle. I am now unsure how to go about citing this information. I thought perhaps it could be considered personal knowledge, but I am not entirely sure of this. The notes consist of a number of eulogies from friends and family of the deceased (unfortunately, I do not have the names of all who contributed their story).