Citation Issues

Using "image copy" correctly

I’ve tried my question previously and received one reply that did not help me understand my issue. All my sources are from things published in the 1800s or early 1900s in newspapers, journals, books. I have online sources of newspaper articles (via,, etc.) online journal fiction and non-fiction pieces (found at places like Internet Archive, Hathitrust,org, etc.), online books (found at places like Google Books).

Citing online and print newspapers at the sametime

Hi everyone I'm in the process of going over all my sources for a book I'm writing on my dad's side the family. I manage to get a copy of Evidence Explained from my library and its been endlessly helpful but its also hard to find the exact answer to something I'm just now learning to how properly formate things. I used A LOT of articles from I've been trying to work out how I could cite both the website version and the print version at the same time so others would know how to look for the hardcopy if need to.

Church record citation when place names have changed and archives have re-organized

Good evening!

Several years ago I visited an archive in Ukraine where I had the pleasure of reviewing church registers. I now am preparing my first citation to one of those records and a few questions are coming to mind. I’ve drafted a citation as follows:

ScotlandsPeople reference numbers

Dear Editor;

Perhaps a seemingly trivial question, but your opinion would be appreciated.

Sometimes the way in which ScotlandsPeople states their reference numbers could result in recording them incorrectly. I believe I have a solution, but I'm wondering about just how much leeway I have in the way I cite them.

Brooklyn Telephone Directory

I need to cite the 1956 Brooklyn Telephone Directory on Internet Archive.

There is no cover or title page and no where in the directories is the name mentioned. The title from year to year changes slightly. Since I don't know the exact title is this a case where I would make something up like Brooklyn Telephone Directory, 1956 and put it in quotation marks? or since its published does it still need to be in italics?


Evidence Explained Book (Kindle Edition)

I currently have the following edition of Evidence Explained.

Mills, Elizabeth Shown. Evidence Explained. 3rd edition (for Kindle). Baltimore, Maryland. Genealogical Publishing Company. 2015.

I'm finding that this edition is starting to show its age and does not address some of the topics under discussion on the EE website forums. I'd like to replace my current copy. However; the 3rd edition (revised) may only be marginally better than what I currently own. Is there another Evidence Explained release planned in the near future?

Citing Scotland census records

I am hoping you can give me some direction in the area of citing Scottish census records. I feel if I can master this I will be able to cite Scottish vital records i.e. BMD records. As I mentioned on a previous post, I am new to genealogy and want to get off on the right track so as not to have to go back after I have done substantial research. My family on my fathers side come from Scotland so I anticipate doing considerable research.

Another Museum Collections Citation of a PDF Inquiry

Dear Editor:

I have reviewed the examples of Citing Online Historical Resources, 2nd  ed (2017), as well as Evidence Explained, 3rd ed. Kindle for online collections. I also noted your recent concise explanation related to a museum collection.

In addition the Hagley Museum has expressed a preferred citation: