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Organizational Record Archives

Dear EE,

In studying Chapter 4, QuickCheck Model on p. 170, I was "surprised" by the First Reference Note arrangement. Could you enlighten me as to what prompted leading with item of interest? This seems a departure from the common placement later in the arrangement. Examples at 4.23 did not follow suit. Am I correct to say this is an accomplishment of "emphasis"?


Citing Ancestry’s Swedish-American Church Records Collection

When I first used Ancestry’s “U.S., Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Swedish American Church Records, 1800-1947,” I constructed my reference notes to lead with the document rather than the database. Now that I’ve used that collection many times, I’m considering reworking my citations to lead with the database.

Citations with complex paths

The recent posting of QuickLesson 25 was somewhat helpful, but my situation appears to be a bit more complex. Perhaps that is just my perception...

The method of accessing an image in the État Civil records of the Archives of Paris involves using the search-engine to access to the start of a set of browsable images (eg. the start of a portion of an imaged film), then one must browse the images to locate the item-of-interest.

This results in two questions:

Citing a series of online city directories--more questions

Warning: This is a long one.

After reviewing past discussions on EE about citing online city directories, I'm still puzzling over how best to tackle this situation: creating citations for images from a series of volumes in a library's digital collections--in this case, the New York Public Library's collection, "New York City Directories." 

Citations for use in tables

Is there a rule to follow when citing references in table format? For example, in Amy Harris's "Whom Did Mary Marry? Finding Mary Browett's Multiple Marriages in Early-Nineteenth-Century Gloucestershire, England," National Genealogical Society Quarterly 109 (March 2021): 45-54. Or Ricki King, "A Father's Luching and Multiple Maiden Names: Ida King of Ralls County, Missouri, and Des Moines County, Iowa," National Genealogical Society Quarterly 109 (March 2021): 29-44. The Amy Harris article appears as though a modified short note is used.

Making as reference to a physical artifact -- NOT a document

Question: How does one address the issue of making a (relatively) EE compliant reference to a nameplate on a box containing cremation ashes? I have a photo of said box with the name of the person, DOB and DOD with no other information available.

CMSR Image at National Archives Catalog website

I have a question about citing an image of a compiled military service record found at the National Archives Catalog website. Unlike at Fold3, there's no database title; instead, the image is described as part of a NARA series and record group. The image is also offered without reference to the microfilm production [M258, roll 85], but it has a unique identifier, used in the URL: Interestingly, the image is from Fold3

So, here is an attempt at a reference note citation using 11.32 with a layer for the image:

Revised multi volume publication

I am trying to prepare a template that will cover the situation of revised editions and/or multi volumes.

The basic format for a published book is:

Author, role, Book Title (Pub Location: Publisher, Year), page.

and for multiple volumes, EEv3, 12.69, p. 705 guides us to include the total number of volumes immediately after the Title:

Author, role, Book Title, X volumes (Pub Location: Publisher, Year), page.

and for a revised edition, EEv3, QCM, p. 651, shows the edition data should be placed immediately after the Title: