Citation Issues

Citing record of birth found on FamilySearch

Hi everyone, I am trying to form a proper citation for the birth record of "Hugh Byrne" found on the right side of the record here:

I've formulated two versions of the citation and am unsure in which order is the correct way, the orignal location first and then FamilySearch info, or the FamilySearch info followed by "citing" ... etc. with the original info. I'm sure I've made other mistakes as well, please let me know!

Church Record book images

Luckily for me, the 2 small churches in Indiana that my German emigrant ancestors attended still have their old record books (albeit, one of them took the pages out of the books when the history committee set about translating them for publication). Anyway, one of the churches had them on their website previously. My reference note ended up looking like this:

Revisiting an older topic...blame a problem with my web browser

So I've brought up using WVCulture (West Virginia Vital Records) before. For reference, I tend to lead with the site since I have lots of records from it. Here is an example reference note:

for image here:

Song lyrics

I'm creating a presentation, and for a bit of humor and to make a point, i'm quoting from the song "Cecilia," by S&G [yes that makes me slightly past youngster :)]. I've got two thoughts: 

1. Just quote the song 

Paul Simon, "Cecilia," (Columbia, 1970).

2. Add a website that displays the lyrics

Paul Simon, "Cecilia," (Columbia, 1970); lyrics at SongLyrics ( : accessed 14 April 2022). 

Citing family bible notes from a DAR publication found on FamilySearch

Dear Elizabeth, 

The example you use at the top of p. 141 (Section 3.26) is extremely useful on a number of fronts.  

My issue concerns this record, which I highly doubt I would have ever found, had it not been for a kindhearted FS user, who posted their discovery of this record here.

Citing personal digital images of private family holdings

EE 3.24-3.30 covers the basic elements and formats to cite family artifacts in private possession. What is becoming even more and more prevalent since the publication of the revised third addition, is the ease of carrying around our cell phones to digitize the artifacts.

Citing Canadian Voters Lists

Canadian Voters Lists are available on microfilm at the Library and Archives Canada (LAC), but they are far easier to access via Ancestry. Ancestry has imaged the LAC microfilms and has cited the LAC film numbers. The imaged pages, bear a stamp indicating the "page" [microfilm frame number]. This is consistent with the way LAC has catalogued the material on its site. In short; the film number and frame number uniquely identify a page within a jurisdiction and year.

Records across two page spread of bound volumes

I have searched the forum and the EE index and did not find anything specific on citing records/entries that extend across a two page spread of a bound volume.  I have come across some volumes which may have one page number written in upper LH corner of the LH page, some with a printed number on LH page, some with the same number printed on both the LH and RH pages of the spread and some un-paginated.