Research habits


On Mice and Men—and Research Habits

Have you read that delightful little business manual, “Who Moved My Cheese”? Yes? No? Or maybe you're wondering: "What does that have to do with history research?"

Just What Is 'Thorough Research'?

29 July 2014
Here at EE, we hear this question often. How much do we have to look at before we can say we've done "thorough" or "reasonably exhaustive" research? If we've found direct evidence to answer our research question, is that enough? Do we really have to have three sources that all agree? ...

Sins against Clio & St. Genie

27 July 2014
When you seek an answer to a research question, do you head for sources that are the easiest to use or give the quickest answers? (What might we call that? The sin of immediate gratification?) When you ...