Incorrect Ancestry database browsing information

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Incorrect Ancestry database browsing information

Ancestry's yearbook collection can be accessed in multiple ways: through searching for a specific person who has been indexed, or by browsing through state > city > school > year. I came across an example where the name of the high school on the yearbook itself (Enola High School) doesn't match the title that Ancestry has provided (East Pennsboro Area High School). I'm thinking that it's important to include both pathways: if someone wanted to look for the yearbook in the Enola Public Library or on eBay, they'd need the actual school name. Besides, that's what's correct, so it's what I want to cite. But it's also possible that someone might go to Ancestry and expect to be able to find the yearbook through the browsing pathway, and without including how Ancestry has (mis)-identified the volume, they wouldn't be able to find it.

I drafted the following citation that I think accomodates both needs, but I was hoping for some second opinions. Does it need an additional note to explicate that the Ancestry pathway appears to be incorrect? Should it just include a note without the browsing pathway? It's the first time I've come across something like this.


Enola (Pennsylvania) High School Senior Class, The 1943 Enolian (n.p. : n.p., n.d.), p. 18, entry for Anne M. Kipp; digital image, "U.S., School Yearbooks, 1900-1990," Pennsylvania > Enola > East Pennsboro Area High School > 1943, Ancestry ( : accessed 12 May 2018).


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Lauconn, yes indeed!  When we create a citation that involves an error we should add a notation about the problem. In your copy of EE, check the index for "errors, correcting or noting," and you'll find a dozen and a half entries in which we discuss and/or illustrate corrections for problems such as this.

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