Citation Issues

Citation for online civil registration in Switzerland


I am having a bit of a concern in this citation below because it seems too long, and not quite easy to reproduce.

I do feel it needs the path on how to access the PDF that represent in this case the baptism register itself, and the online repository website is hard to navigate into for anyone not used to it. 

Also, the weblink doesn't help in length of the citation, we can only access to the online repository with the full URL. Doesn't work any another way. The online repository is for the Neuchâtel State Archives in Switzerland.

Citing a single document within a court case file

I am trying to cite to a baptism certificate that was filed to a court case. Assuming the certificate is actually titled "Baptism Certificate," documents the baptism of Mary Jane Public, and was filed with the court on 2/27/2024, here is what I came up with:

case no. XXXX, John Quincy Public vs. Jane Marie Public, "Baptism Certificate [Mary Jane Public]", 27 February 2024

Census records with mis-transcibed names

How does one cite a 1851 Census record form England that is mis transcribed?  I have several with different problems with the individuals names.  For example:

1861 census of England, St Mary Parish, Nottingham, ED 4, folio 70, page 23, Richard MOWBRAY; digital images, (; citing PRO RG 9/2457.  

This is what I have as a citation, however, Ancestry has the name as MOWBRAY, both on the image and on the transcript page.  So I have recorded the name as MOWBRAY (it should be MOESBY)

Alien Case File (A-Files)


I am trying to cite to specific documents contained within old A-Files, or "Alien Case Files," obtained from the USCIS (via either their genealogy program or the Freedom of Information Act). I am having a difficult time; however, determining how they should be formatted: they are essentially folders full of immigration papers, including birth certificates, reports from Displaced Persons Camp officials, etc. etc.

Subsequent note quandary, Fold3 multi-image file

I'm citing multiple pages in a military pension file from Fold3. The file is 12 pages long and each page has its own URL. Would this be the proper way to do a subsequent note? Or should the full reference indicate images 1-12 and then include the wording "specifically image 1", and in the subsequent notes "specifically image 2"... and omit the URLs in the subsequent notes?

Place Name Changes

I'm currently working with some Kanawha County, West Virginia Will Books, and came upon a new issue (for me at least). I'm working within a volume that spans 1859–1876, so I'm spanning the period that includes wills created when Kanawha was in the state of Virginia, as well as when it became West Virginia. The "container," the volume, is in the possession of West Virginia which is where I'd go to find it, but the will was created when it was Virginia. I've searched and searched both volumes of EE on how to handle this—would square brackets be the best approach?

Citing a cemetery database (Section 6.7, 4th ed.)

I'm struggling with citation for a cemetery database when the search I did had complex results. So, I'm at page 216, Online Database entries. 

Citation draft:

Woodside (Middletown, Ohio). "Locate a Loved One," database, Woodside Cemetery & Arboretum ( : accessed 14 May 2024), search term: "John Moore," listing of 9 individuals named John Moore

Citing PDF image copies of England GRO birth and death registrations

I recently took advantage of the cost savings by ordering PDF rather than certified copies of birth and death registrations from the UK General Register Office. How do I cite them?

This is my attempt to use the 3-layer system: What I saw--a digital image of a birth entry on the UK Passport website; Where it came from--the General Register Office; Where they got it--birth register from the Wirral Union registration district. Does this citation work?