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Dear Editor,

After our discusson on another question about Family Tree Maker, Templates vs Free Form, I went back to QuickLesson 19, to help me refresh my understanding of Layering. You layed out the layering very well, and I thank you.

In looking at QuickLesson 19, I was reminder of at least one place where I saw the Website Title show up.

Original returns accessed through an online provider:     1790 U.S. census, Beaufort District, South Carolina, p. 492 (penned), col. 3, line 26, Mary Odam; digital image, ( : accessed 4 September 2014); citing National Archives microfilm publication M637, roll 11. When I read that, I was reminded of a question that I have wanted to ask before. The question is about the word "(penned)". Now, I get why we would want to know if it was hand written or typed. If I am looking at an image, such as the one described above, I would not be able to determine, for sure, if it was "penned". 1790, we might be able to tell, if the rest of the writing was the same weight (looks the same). For more recent census images the Sheet Number might have a "written" component and a "stamped" (probably) letter..  Again, because we can't tell what the writing utencil was, might we use "sheet 3 (written) A (stamped)". "sheet 3A (written/stamped)" or "sheet 3A (penned/stamped)"/ To my knowledge all of the Census records that I have looked have been a mix of written and stamped pages from a ledger.  A number that I have seen have had one number lined ot and a New number written. As I continue to learn from your wonderful website and user forum, I do go back and clean up "my act". As you may also know, I get a lot of citation questions on my Blog and Google+ community. I try to share my learning through my blog, so I am trying to keep up with your current thinking, then try to implement that in my own research and share that experience in my blog. Thank you, Russ

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If you search the forums for "penned or stamped" there is a thread about what you are asking.


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Thank you for pointing out my error.

This question can be deleted.