US Vital Certificate from FamilySearch

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US Vital Certificate from FamilySearch

As an Australian, I am somewhat quite (very) inexperienced when it comes to citing US records, so excuse me if this appears to be a question that has been asked/answered before. I did look through the search function on the forum to see if anyone else had asked the same or had a similar query.

I know EE does not make comment on genealogy software issues; I totally understand that, because forum members use many different programmes. But for the record I use Legacy and I have overidden the first reference note to add the 2nd layer.

Today I found a record/image of a death certificate from Ohio on FamilySearch.

I am looking at EE v3, page 430, quick model State-level Records, Vital-Records Certificate, but am unsure if this is the quick-model I should use.

I have based it on the above model, but added a 2nd layer. Is that the right way to go? I felt I had to show where I got the image but the quick model doesn't show that. This is my citation:

Ohio Department of Health, death certificate 24899 (1931), Margaret Jane Foster; digital image, "Ohio Deaths, 1908-1953," FamilySearch  ( : accessed 1 April 2018).



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Robyn 62, you've done well.

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