citing results from people search sites like BeenVerified

When a person is searched and identified on people search sites like PeopleFinders and BeenVerified, how is this cited?


Submitted byEEon Wed, 04/03/2019 - 14:35
Philip, you can handle this with a basic citation to a website. See EE 2.32, rule 1. A website is cited like a book. These websites are one big database, there are not a number of individual databases as with NARA or Ancestry, so Rule 2, which treats the individual databases like chapters in a book, does not apply. At the end of the citation, in lieu of page number, we use the specific item of interest. When we query a website for a specific name or term, it's wise to include, in the item of interest field, the specific terms for which we queried, in quotation marks.