Questions about examples in Evidence Explained


Looking at the QuickCheck model for the unpublished dissertation or thesis on p100 of EE, I see in the First Refence note that the surname is given in the form surname, given names and followed by a full stop. This is what I would expect in the Source List entry, not a footnote.  Similarly, in the Source list entry the dissertation title is followed by a comma before the closing quotes. Should this be a full stop, or is the Manuscript type meant to be linked to the title?

Then in the example of a digitized disseration in section 12.61, the author's name is followed by a comma in the Source List entry, not a full stop as I would expect.

Are these just typos/proof reading errors, or am I missing something?

Submitted byEEon Wed, 12/06/2023 - 18:19

Aach, Obsessed! It's face-palm time here at EE. You are right. (And you're also the first person to catch that since that edition went to press in 2017.)

The example should be:

Cherry Lynne Pyburn, "Wedding Belles and Enslaved Brides: Louisiana Plantation Weddings in Fact, Fiction and Folklore" (Ph.D. diss., Louisiana State University, 2012), 123.

The e-dissertation example at 12.61 follows the same pattern, without the typo.

Our apologies and our thanks.