Article in Volume in Series

Let me call and raise on a recently discussed item. I want to cite a section of a volume in a series (well, one of two series). What I've drafted for the first reference note is:

William Nelson, --He is the editor of the volume. The sections do not name individual editors.
“Bergen Reformed (Dutch) Church Marriage Records, 1664-1801,” --The title of the section.
in Documents Relating to the Colonial, Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary History of the State of New Jersey, -- The title of the series.
34 vols., -- The number of volumes in the series.
vol. XXII, Marriage Records, 1665–1800, --The volume number and title of this volume.
Archives of the State of New Jersey, --The "author" of the series. (I may have a bad concept here.)
series one of two -- Noting that this is series one of two.
(Paterson, NJ: The Press Printing and Publishing Co., 1900); -- Publication data of the volume.
online page images, -- The format that I viewed.
HathiTrust -- Where I viewed it.
( : --The URL of the 1st page of the section.
viewed 17 Feb. 2019), --The date that I viewed it.
p. <whatever>. --The page number that I want to cite.

Now that I've laid it all out, it seems jumbled to me. But I don't know how to fix it. Please help.


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Have you noticed EE 12.85  "Series: 'Archives' of the Various States"? There, the example uses the series that is generically called Pennsylvania Archives, while you are using the series generically called New Jersey Archives. The organization of the volumes—and therefore, the citations to them—are essentially the same.

The difference in your case is that you need a layered citation. Layer 1 would identify the volume you've used, with all the standard "who, what, where, when, wherein" components. Layer 2 then identifies the digital provider.

That's a really good lead. (Although I'm wintering away from my home and don't have the book with me; I have used that format before and have consulted my prior use of it. Please forgive me if my question ignores something in 12.85 that I did not consider in my previous usage.)

There is a difference here, though. I'm citing a titled section of the volume. I know the name of the editor of the volume. I don't know the author/editor of the section (although it would be reasonable to assume that it is the editor of the volume).

How do I include that information in the citation? Thanks.


12.85 covers that with a Pennsylvania Archives example that includes a named part with no author/editor/compiler for the part:

1. “Marriages Recorded by the Registrar General of the Province, 1685–1689,” Record of Pennsylvania Marriages prior to 1810, John B.Linn and William H. Egle, editors, Pennsylvania Archives, 2d ser., vol. 8, vol. [part] 1 (Harrisburg: Clarence M. Busch, 1895), 5.