Issue with FamilySearch record

Recently, I did some record exploring with and took screenshots of some of the records I found to share. As I was compiling the data, I went back to verify the records and discovered that the first screenshot I took of one of the records never came up that way again. Has anyone ran across such an issue before?

Specifically, I have a screenshot of taken at 9:22am on April 4 that states that Stanley Janicki with two age categories, one that says 26 and one that says 8 Sep 1887 and a category of birthplace that says Rumoka, Polocki, Poland. When you look at that same screenshot now (and when I did about 10 minutes later on the same day of April 4), it is different! How can that be? (I attempted to upload the screenshot but it exceeds the 1MB limit.)

I am aware that there is another FamilySearch record from the same record collection that shows something different as well:


Submitted byEEon Mon, 04/13/2020 - 19:45


When I use your link, I get this database entry:

When I click the hotlink under "Record Collection," I get a hit list with two items for the samename.

When I click "view" for the first option, I get this:

This second database entry is indeed different from the first one generated by the link you gave. We do not have an option to view the original record.

It does appear that "indexers" created two different database entries for this one record. The second one has the more complete bibliographic data. If you were to pose your question to FamilySearch, you might get an explanation. At the least, a query to FamilySearch should alert them that an error exists.

From the standpoint of using and citing these two database entries, before a correction is made by the provider, I'd extract both sets of data and cite both cards, specifically stating the conflicts that exist between them.

Submitted byDawnon Tue, 04/14/2020 - 07:00

Thank you, Elizabeth. I came up with a different way to share my conundrum. Please see my family history blog entry here:

This shows the three actual database entries I encountered when initially doing my research. This is the only way I can see that I will be able to use and cite these entries and link them to other records I've found to help prove the identity of this man. That is, short of figuring out if there's a way to actually access the record or at least a digital image of the actual record instead of a database entry.

I will attempt to send a query to FamilySearch to explain my experience. Your assistance with this record dilemma is much appreciated.