Report format for two living spouses for the same deceased individual

I've run into two living spouses. I've been entrenched in researching the distant past I've never had to include living names in a report. Is there a standard format to indicate marriages exist with living ex-spouses? Do you report the marriage places and dates but note the spouses as LIVING? Is there a good source for handling reports that include the living?

My thought is to format report...
JOHN SMITH born New York 5 September 1924, died Boston Massachusetts 1 June 1993. Married first LIVING and married second LIVING...

Submitted byEEon Fri, 07/10/2020 - 08:49

VelvetWood, this is a question for your software, given the context in which you use the word "report" for a family narrative. Software produces reports—i.e., a "report" of the data you've fed into the software—and they produce many different types of those "reports." For advice on how to word something in a field of your software to get the  output you desire, your fellow users of that software could answer that question better.

In the history-research world, the word "report" has a significantly different meaning and describes a significantly different product. See "QuickLesson 20: Research Reports for Research Success."

And in the writing world—for a genealogical narrative or a biography—we'd tackle that sentence from a few other perspectives.