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Dear EE,

I didn't think I would be back on the forum so soon after my last post; this time I am looking for a review or tweaks of a citation that I have crafted for a new source :-).

Recently, I ordered an image from the Family History Library Record Lookup Service -

For this particular request, I initially received an image of the cover of the book (a transcript) plus the relevant page that had my person of interest. The cover was not at all very informative, so I sent off another email, asking if the inside cover provided further information about the author and date of publication. The lady I was corresponding with was very kind and responded back with 2 more images that enabled me to know the who, what, date etc.

Initially, I was going to cite this as a book (which it is), and then add layers to show where I got it from. That got a little messy, so looking through EE for similar types of records, the QuickCheck Model Private Holdings: Personal Correspondence (p. 112 Kindle Version) appeared to be a much better alternative.

So here is my citation for review and opinion, and I hope this post may help others that are also using this service. I have ...... my surname.

Susann Clift, Family History Library Record Lookup Service, to Robyn R......., emails, 16 & 18 January 2022,  images of John Henry Mann, "The Marriage Licences of the Diocese of Exeter 1631-1668" (typescript, Devon & Cornwell Record Society, 1939), in particular, p. 127; citing FHL digital film 7906948, image 563; Browse & Trist Family File, privately held by R........, St Georges Basin, New South Wales.


Submitted byEEon Tue, 01/18/2022 - 11:08

Robyn, I just love it when a query provides the page or section number the writer is working from. The old cliché about "being on the same page" is definitely more than a cliché.

There are multiple ways this might be handled, particularly these:

  • The QuickCheck model at p. 112 cites a translation provided by a staff person in the FHL/FamilySearch system—i.e., a new creation by that staffer herself, created from a record on file.
  • EE 7.19  cites original records in the form of images provided by a third party.

Would not 7.19 fit better in your situation?



Submitted byRobynRon Tue, 01/18/2022 - 14:42

Looking at the examples for 7.19, this is a further attempt for the citation of this record. I think it makes it clearer regarding what I am citing, but I am still unsure if the elements are placed correctly. 

John Henry Mann Esq., indexer & typist, The Marriage Licences of the Diocese of Exeter 1631-1668  (typescript, 1939, The Devon & Cornwell Record Society, Devon), p.127, Nicholas Brouse [Browse] of Harberton and Margaret Gold [Gould] of Ratterie [Rattery], Nov. 15 (1640); image copy provided by Family History Library Record Lookup Service, email, 16 January 2022, citing FHL digital film 7906948, image 563.