FamilySearch German Church Records only accessed at FSLibrary


While analyzing the citation on page 316 in Evidence Explained, 4th edition, I'm confused about the exclusion of the FSL digital film number, GDS number, and image number. Could you please clarify why these were left out? 

Thank you

 1. “German, Rhineland-Palatinate, Diocese of Mainz, Catholic Church Records, 1540-1952,” database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 1 October 2024), entry for Joannes Georgius Schön, baptized 19 October 1673, Mainz; citing “Mainz, Catholic Church Records, 1540-1952.” This database entry links to unidentified FSL digital film that can only be accessed at the FamilySearch Library or one of its affiliates.


Submitted byBadgerGenealogyon Sun, 06/16/2024 - 15:53

I'm still puzzled. What might be causing my confusion is the statement, "This database entry links to an unidentified FSL digital film that can only be accessed at the FamilySearch Library or one of its affiliates." Yet, the digital folder number 7991354 and image number 138 are provided at Why not use the following sentence instead, "This database entry links to FSL digital folder number 7991354, image 138, which is accessible only at the FamilySearch Library or its affiliate locations."





Submitted byEEon Mon, 06/17/2024 - 09:11

Badger, at the link we're discussing, the page I'm shown does not state a digital file number or image number for the original.

This is the full screen I'm shown:

When I click on "Image Availability," one pop-up is laid on top of the screen.

There is no other link to go any further. 

I am using a PC in my office, not the FamilySearch phone app, so I should have all features that are publicly available. Are you, perhaps, viewing this at a FamilySearch center/affiliate library--or might you be an LDS member who as access to items that non-members do not?

Submitted byBadgerGenealogyon Tue, 06/18/2024 - 10:05

The link I am discussing is the down arrow next to "Document Information." Upon closer examination, this is not a direct link to the FSL digital film, but instead, it offers details necessary to find the digital image via the FamilySearch catalog. Since we cite what we use, these details would not be included in the citation. However, if I accessed the image at a FamilySearch affiliate library, then this information would be included in the citation.

St. Emmeran Catholic Church (Mainz, Hessen, Germany), "Baptisms 1617-1723," unnumbered pages, entries in chronological order, baptism of Joannes Georgius Schön, 19 October 1673; imaged, FSL microfilm 957271 > DGS 7991354 > image 138, FamilySearch Library, Salt Lake City, Utah; citing Minneapolis Minnesota FamilySearch Center, Crystal, Minnesota. 

Thank you for guiding me through the nuances of this citation process.