Citing Hathi Trust Digital Library

Help!  I've been all through Evidence Explained and I can't make up my mind how to cite the following book in the Hathi Trust Digital Library.  Which citation model do I need to use?

Maryland records, colonial, revolutionary, county and church, from original sources, by Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh.  The chapter title is Tombstone inscriptions from the original church yard of All Saints Parish, Frederick, Maryland, page 265.


Submitted byEEon Thu, 06/27/2019 - 10:42

Ohiogirl48, you have two things to cite.

  1. the book. Use the basic book format in this "layer" of the citation. Add a semicolon at the end for the second layer, which is ...
  2. the website. Use the basic book format for this, too. The only difference is that you don't have an author or publisher to cite—just the title of the website (in italics) and the publication data (place=URL : date = date of access) in parentheses.

EE does not have an explicit model for HathiTrust. (An example for every website in existence would be impossible, of course.) The GoogleBooks QuickCheck model at p. 661 illustrates this type of citation.

What matters is not the name of the website or the name of the book. It's the type of material we are citing. EE citation formats are arranged by type, with a chapter on each major type. Chapter 12 covers books and other publications.

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