Sesquicentennial resolution

I want to cite a state resolution in honor of a town's sesquicentennial anniversary. I used the slip law example in 13.17 as my base, but unlike in the example, the resolution itself doesn't have a descriptive name, so I used the name as published on the bill and added description at the back end to explain what people were looking at. Is that a good idea or superfluous?

I also added a url to find the resolution online. To use the search box, the printer's no. and year are helpful, so I went with those rather than the full resolution date cited in the example.

Here's the actual resolution:   Any suggestions for improvements would be appreciated.

Pennsylvania General Assembly, House Resolution No. 631 ( : 27 Aug 2021), printer's no. 3251, 2012, resolution commemorating Dunmore's sesquicentennial anniversary.

Thank you!


Submitted byEEon Fri, 08/27/2021 - 17:53

Alkeis, you're headed in the right direction. EE 13.17 is the same type of item you're dealing with. But you have an added item and you need a second layer to cite that additional item. Layer 1 should cover your slip law. Then in layer 2, you should cite, in full, the website that has published that slip law.

A full citation to a website is the same as a full citation to a book:

Creator/author, Title of Website (Place of publication/URL : Date), specific item if appropriate.

Both layers go in one sentence; the two layers are separated by a semi-colon.

Using layers enables us to take any type of original record and pair it easily with the website that has reproduced or published it.

This QuickLesson may help you with the layering concept:  QuickLesson 19: Layered Citations Work Like Layered Clothing.