Citation Issues

Lloyds of London

What I find I just had. Lloyds of London has published a yearly volume with all (most?) of the ships for the British Empire. The entries include ship owner, ship master, and voyage(s) the ship went on. There isn't really a listed author or editor, unless you take the committee chair as the author. The book is a combination of all of the port agents keeping track of the ships in their port. With that said here's my stab at the citation:

Image of unpublished church marriage register page received by email

The Ottawa City Archives holds the physical marriage register of St. Andrew's church and sent me by email a digital image of a page which is not numbered and contains chronological multiple entries. I am not sure if the register has a formal title (working on this) but from a book about the church records I know it contains entries from 1858-1930. My attempted citation:

Deed Book Wonky-ness

A recent failed search to find a deed record online in a particular record set supposedly imaged at FamilySearch (but apparently not) led me to contact the county register of deeds. An incredibly helpful individual there not only found the deed record, but also sent me images. The originals, it seems are housed elsewhere, but the county office had a book of "certified" transcriptions – or at least, transcriptions held in the register's office – duly copied into another volume using the exact same pagination.

Usernames, Screen Names, Pseudonyms, Nicknames, Epithets, and Avatars.

I have been having a private discussion with History Hunter about citing usernames. The discussion started over citing a photograph from a Public Member Tree at Ancestry.

The first try of the citation is on Facebook in the Genealogy – Cite Your Sources group started with “Iveybet,” “Public Family History Content,”.

Citing a photo from an Ancestry user account

Based on melding the CMOS examples and that of the EE book, I thought I'd have another try at generating a citation for a of photo of Hazel and Mike Brophy's 50 Anniversary that I obtained from a user account on Ancestry. I've been trying to get this citation to make sense for a while now and could use some feedback. I suspect that I might want to add ", n.d." after the published photo caption.

First Reference Note:

Personal artifact or provincial-level vital record?

Hello. My niece had a baby in February. As the mother, she completed the Registration of Birth form to be submitted to the province. She took a photo of that signed form before submitting it and sent it to me. I'm waffling as to whether I cite this as a personal artifact or as a provincial-level vital record.

FamilySearch Collection name doesn't come up when performing a collection search

I crafted a citation and decided to see if I could get back to my record following my citation.  Within the record set, FamilySearch gives us this name for citing the collection –"México, Tamaulipas, registros parroquiales, 1703-1964." When I went to the FamilySearch search page and pasted the collection name (in quotes above) it doesn't return any results.  Ultimately, I need to start typing Mexico, Tamaulipas... and collection suggestions populate that actually call the collection "Mexico, Tamaulipas, Catholic Church Records, 1703-1964".

Citing record of birth found on FamilySearch

Hi everyone, I am trying to form a proper citation for the birth record of "Hugh Byrne" found on the right side of the record here:

I've formulated two versions of the citation and am unsure in which order is the correct way, the orignal location first and then FamilySearch info, or the FamilySearch info followed by "citing" ... etc. with the original info. I'm sure I've made other mistakes as well, please let me know!

Church Record book images

Luckily for me, the 2 small churches in Indiana that my German emigrant ancestors attended still have their old record books (albeit, one of them took the pages out of the books when the history committee set about translating them for publication). Anyway, one of the churches had them on their website previously. My reference note ended up looking like this:

Revisiting an older topic...blame a problem with my web browser

So I've brought up using WVCulture (West Virginia Vital Records) before. For reference, I tend to lead with the site since I have lots of records from it. Here is an example reference note:

for image here: