Citation Issues

Microfilm creator and repository


The FHL stores microfilm made by other archives. In the catalog, it is stated who created the microfilm and where it is stored. Is it essential to identify the creator of the film in the citation?

It looks at bit confusing to me to write "...; citing The Danish National Archives microfilm 50899, The Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, The United States." The creator is the The Danish National Archives, and the repository is The FHL.

Handwritten Vital Cards

I have a few records from the New Hampshire vital collection on familysearch. I was already aware that their records are on handwritten cards (I've also been to the archives in person). When creating a citation of the image of these cards should I be putting in the citation somewhere that these are handwritten since that can leave room for errors when transcribing the information? I'm assuming these are considered secondary sources?

Citing newspapers sourced from

I'm trying to follow the example of the citation structure given in section EE 14.22 for citing images of Newspaper Articles, regardless of source, in order to introduce more regularity into the way I cite newspapers.

The example is causing me some confusion, since there doesn't seem to be an, "Historic Newspaper Collection" on and I believe one needs more than just the site name and URL to create a functional citation.

Would the following approach work, in order to make it a bit easier to locate the article?

Individual Document as Part of a Probate Packet

I found a probate packet related to the Sale of Real Estate from 1841 on Ancestry. It contains several documents and I'd like to cite each of them separately but I  am not exactly sure  I know how to make I show that it's part of a packet. I looked at 10.31 and 10.33 for inspiration and if I understand it correctly I would name the packet first and then the document of interest.

Newspaper Location clarification

I'd like some clarification around the citing of newspapers related to place of publication, specifically in first reference notes.

Looking at EE 14.11 for newspapers:  Location is required. When a paper carries either a city or state in its masthead title (but not both), put the missing place name in parentheses within the title. If the title carries no place name, add a place name in parentheses, setting the added material in italics also. 

Maps - National Library of Scotland

Dear Editor,

This is my first attempt at citing any Map!

I have read 12.67 Historical Maps but wanted your opinion on the way I have used a waypoint path to find this map, and also the information I have included regarding the publisher. Should anyone else mentioned at the bottom of the map be mentioned in the citation?

You might like to follow the path as provided (to see if you can locate the same in the same manner as what I did), but here is a link directly to the page:  

Citing Personal Transcriptions of Documents

I have been transcribing some documents that I either photographed myself at Gloucestershire Archives (UK) in 2019 but also others where I had previously paid a local researcher to photo on my behalf (who provided photos of the archive detail of the record, of the relevant box or folder or whatever).

My question relates mainly to the transcriptions of these documents.

Lately, I have been doing some digital scrapbook pages that I hope to share with cousins (or post at FamilySearch or Wikitree) and have attached a single page of one to give you an idea of these.