Citing Online Sources: Ken & Barbie? Or a Set of Nested Russian Dolls?

A query in another forum raises a puzzler to ponder: Is a nested citation the same thing as a layered citation? Or is there a difference? Yep. It’s the difference between ...

Thinking ... about Citations and Road Maps

In another forum that will go unnamed, a writer declared: “I like MLA better than CMOS because MLA doesn’t require us to cite page numbers.” ... Whoa! Back up a moment. Somebody took a wrong turn here. ...

How to Complicate a Plain Ol’ Deed-book Citation

Reader pbaum has raised an issue often faced by those who comb history's nooks and crannies: Say I have 10 or more land entries mentioned in the main text, but ....

The Disciplined Researcher's 20-Question Guide

What is your success rate as a researcher? Does every effort advance your goals or bring you closer to resolving a specific research problem? Do you invest hours that generate no relevant information at all? Do record sets and databases never seem to yield the needed answers to your key questions about events and identities, associations, and relations? Or have you amassed great quantities of data that remind you of the Shakespearean line about “much sound and fury, signifying nothing”? ...

Citations, Rigmarole & Aha! Moments

In the grand scheme of things, what matters in a source citation? In another forum recently, a researcher shared a bit of frustration. To paraphrase, with a bit of elaboration: ...

Why Are EE's Source Citations So 'Complicated'?

12 February 2015
We hear this question often. It's usually accompanied by a reference to "scientific style" citations that the questioner considers to be "clean and concise," or to a publisher's house style that strips citations down to ...

Citations: 10 Commandments for Intimidated Souls

19 January 2015
Most commandments are intimidating—but not these. These are designed to take the intimidation out of the citation process that causes so much angst and rebellion.

Citations: How Much Is Enough?

16 January 2015
History researchers frequently ask how much needs to be cited to support an assertion. If, say, we find an assertion in a journal article, a monograph on our topic, a generally reliable website, and a couple of original documents, do we have to cite them all? The answer is easy enough if ...

Citing Legal Registrations

8 December 2014
Across centuries of recorded history, many classes of people have had to legally register themselves—voters, military-aged men, free people of color in slave regimes, aliens during a time of war, and "just plain folk" on the occasions of their births, marriages, and deaths.

More Website Citation Dilemmas!

9 October 2014
Everything has a creator. But what do we do when we have three creators creating three different but connected things and we have to pack them all into one citation?