Citing Card Files & Vertical Files



25 July 2014

Many libraries maintain card files and vertical files on a variety of subjects—particularly local libraries. These compiled works can be cited in much the same manner as manuscript materials. We may have an author, and we may or may not have a title and a date. It will be in a collection, which may be in a series or a record group. Then we'll need to identify the repository and its location.

In the Source List Entry this type of collection would be alphabetized under the name of the compiler, if known. If no compiler is identified, you might choose to make the source a geographic-based entry or place it under the name of the repository.

When multiple cards exist for individuals of the same name and the cards themselves are not numbered, your Reference Note citation should include enough additional detail to distinguish your particular card from others created for same-name people.

EE 5.18 offers a variety of samples showing how to handle different types of card and vertical files in original, fiche, on online form.


IMAGE SOURCE: Can Stock Photo ( : downloaded 28 June 2014), "Old File Drawers with Blank Labels," csp9517927, by mcarrel; used under license.