Reasonably exhaustive research


Reasonably Exhaustive Research

Someone just challenged me to explain the difference between "a reasonably exhaustive search" and "reasonably exhaustive research"—and to do so in 150 words or less.

A Record Here ... A Record There ... Wow! A Match!

A record here, a record there, and we have a match. Or do we? A researcher, in another forum, presented a problem. He is studying ...

Reasonably Exhaustive Research: Quantity or Quality?

12 March 2015
To reach a sound conclusion about any historical event of person, our first criteria is reasonably exhaustive research. However, this does not mean that quantity assures accuracy. Quantity and quality are entirely different critters and quantity can never trump quality. For the history researcher who has no living firsthand witnesses to interview ...

Just What Is 'Thorough Research'?

29 July 2014
Here at EE, we hear this question often. How much do we have to look at before we can say we've done "thorough" or "reasonably exhaustive" research? If we've found direct evidence to answer our research question, is that enough? Do we really have to have three sources that all agree? ...