Reasonably Exhaustive Research

Someone just challenged me to explain the difference between "a reasonably exhaustive search" and "reasonably exhaustive research"—and to do so in 150 words or less.

Citations, Rigmarole & Aha! Moments

In the grand scheme of things, what matters in a source citation? In another forum recently, a researcher shared a bit of frustration. To paraphrase, with a bit of elaboration: ...

Lookups, Searches & Research: A Lesson from Queen Anne's Revenge

“There was not one aha moment,” said the spokesperson for the discovery of Blackbeard’s ship. “There was a collection of moments and a deduction based on the evidence.”
So it is with research. Not so, with look-ups and searches. A fellow blogger, this week, challenged ...

Are You a Creative Researcher?

6 August 2014
Creativity in historical research is a good thing. It doesn't mean creating records. It means creating new ways to look at those records and link them into something greater than individual tidbits of information. If you're looking for ways to develop your creativity, here are 6 of them ...