Abbreviations in Citations

Dear Editor;

I'm familiar with EE 3rd ed. section, "2.56 Abbreviations, Standard." I note that there are some abbreviations that I've seen used in citations and which are not addressed. I understand that your list cannot show all the ones we may need. Is there a generally accepted reference for abbreviations, which might provide additional accepted ones?

Submitted byEEon Sun, 06/23/2019 - 10:24

H-H, Chicago Manual of Style, now in its 17th edition, is the guide to go to for issues such as this. Yes, many people assume CMOS is "just another citation guide," but only two of its seventeen chapters deal with citations. The rest delves deeply into issues of abbreviation (a whole chapter, Chapter 10), punctuation, spelling, use of numbers and terms, quotations, etc. CMOS comes in both a print edition (hardback) and an online edition.