Citing Vital Records

24 April 2014
What are the two unbreakable rules for citing vital records--and why do they matter?

Ten Citation Commandments for Intimidated Souls

13 April 2014
The citation police are notorious. They thrive on blogs like QuickTips and use its content to predict perdition for all poor souls who violate wee tenets of EE or CMOS or MLA. Or so we hear. Frequently. Perhaps today's commandments will come in handy sometime, when you are cornered by citation zealots who have forgotten their own past transgressions. ...

Citing Key Parties in a Record

10 April 2014
Citations to original records held in courthouses and town halls may vary from one to the next, depending upon the nature of the record and the focus of your own work. For example: ...

Reference Notes vs. Source List Entries:

3 April 2014
Ah, the confusion that exists over these two concepts! Does it matter? Are the distinctions between them essential or just more of the clap-trap that make so many people cringe at the word "citations"? ...

Citing Filmed Manuscripts from FHL

24 February 2014
Salt Lake City's Family History Library holds a rich trove of microfilmed records from around the world. Identifying that material clearly, in a way that will avoid confusion when it is needed again, can be a challenge. Each roll of film ...

Citing Photocopies

22 February 2014
When we receive a photocopy of a document or page from a record book—whether it’s from an official or unofficial source—our citation needs to . . .